sea and sand foundation

Welcome to the Sea and Sand Foundation,
a place for startups to discuss
investments, technology and growth.

what we do?

leadershiP mentoring

Experiential material that makes sense and easy to apply.


Critical to success. Getting Shit Done. Keeping it simple.


Disruptive investments in renewable energy and education. Leveraging big data. Creativity through divergence & convergence.

why we do it?

because we love mentoring and giving back

Who are we?

My name is Stergios. I love my family. I’m a disruptive innovator with angel investing experience, always paying it forward, passionate about technology & people growth.  And crazy about YNWA. I spend my time meeting peeps everywhere. Physically or virtually between Toronto Canada, to Athens Greece.

My name is Bessie. I'm a mother of 2 daughters and an educator for the past 35 years. Mentorship and impact have been at the core of what I do at home and in school.

My name is Eleni. I'm a graduate of McGill University in International Development & Entrepreneurship, and looking forward to creating my own startup.

My name is Irene and I'm currently studying at UofT political science and looking to become a lawyer in the international space.